World Packaging Organisation

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World Packaging Organisation
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The World Packaging Organization (WPO) is an international non-governmental federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties, including industry and trade associations. It is a non-profit organization founded on 6 September 1968. in Tokyo. The main objectives of WPO are:

  • promotion on a global scale for the development of technology, science and packaging engineering
  • support for international trade
  • educational activities in the field of packaging
  • the possibility of communication between stakeholders in packaging industry by providing them with a forum for discussion
  • dialogue with members on issues relating to packaging such as consumer safety, food preservation or impact of packaging on the environment
  • supporting the development of such legal, technological and economic factors, which will optimize the storage and distribution of food and other products packaged in such a way that they were delivered to all in need
  • advice on the creation and functioning of national organizations and institutions of packaging
  • provide information about sources of knowledge about packing
  • participation in other forms of activity.

WPO strives to meet these objectives, acting through national packaging organizations, other members and stakeholders.