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Human resources management is concerned with the people who work for an organization. It is the process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization.

Meaning of Human Resources

First of all it's important to determine the meaning of human resources. The human resources of an organization include all the skills, knowledge and efforts and capabilities of all employees.

The role of Human Resources Management

Primary function of human resources department is to bring all the employees of an organization together and to develop their united interest in the success of the organization. Taking into account that every person has different character, needs, attitude and opinion it is really difficult to develop unity and harmony in an organization.

Human resources department plays a consequential role in the fluid running of the organization because it looks after the most important resource in an organization - human resource. That department provides support in performing below activities:

Effective human resources management enables workers to contribute successfully and productively to the overall company direction and to accomplish organization's goals.

Human Resources Management comparing to Personnel Management

Using human resources management approach, we assume that it is not possible to have universal model which works in any organization. We are talking about a set of concepts, methods and techniques from which you can select a specific one. Each organization has different set of methods. This approach is an extension of the earlier concept - personnel management.

While the personnel management focus on organizing, consequence and realizing separate functions, human resources management focus on customer, cooperation between supervisor and employee and integrated control functions.

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Author: Klaudia Zalega