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Taking into account the duration of the team, they can be divided into two categories:

  • Ad hoc teams - that is, those for which time of operation is less than the organization itself. These are: task forces, design teams, emergency teams, etc.
  • Permanent teams - that exist during the whole life-span of organization. These are: functional teams, management committees, etc.

In today's organizations very important and frequently encountered are the task forces, which are divided into four types:

  • Task Team - a team consisting generally of several employees with significant status in the organization. The team meets several times a month to discuss ways to improve the quality of work and working conditions.
  • Self-managing team - consisting of 10-15 employees who perform the duties of their former leaders. The responsibility is to control the pace of work, assigning tasks and collective matching of quality control methods. Employees of such group, mutually evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Inter-functional team - consisting of employees of similar status in the organization, but from different fields of activity. The purpose of this team is to enable people from different organizations exchange information, develop new projects, solve complex problems and to coordinate the complex plans.
  • Virtual team - A team of workers from different locations and different time zones. Such teams may work, despite the fact that their members are divided into thousands of kilometres.

They use latest technologies of communication: phone, Internet, etc.

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