Competences of leader

Competences of leader
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High competences of leader are required in every organization to achieve its objectives. Leader is a manager who effectively and efficiently manages the entire enterprise, performing basic management functions such as planning, organization, management and control.

Basic skills and competences of leader

  • Technical skills - needed to perform and understand the way in which are performed specific tasks within the company and the work of his subordinates. Manager must have appropriate intellectual potential and the ability to learn quickly, mastering new skills along with a dynamically changing environment and organization,
  • Interpersonal skills - enabling the manager to work with other employees or representatives of other organizations. Ability to establish and maintain contact, understanding and motivating other people, active listening, with the assurance of a favorable atmosphere for work;
  • Conceptual skills - ability to treat organization as whole, perceiving the relationships between its various components and its environment, analyse and diagnose complex situations and make decisions, requiring an open mind, ability to provide a coordinated action during and appropriate use of its resources: human, financial, material and information,
  • Political skills - depends primarily on strengthening manager's own position and establishing appropriate contacts, requiring skills for self-presenting as an energetic, efficient, courageous and full of enthusiasm and an open compared to others, but also assertive, knowing what he wants and what he is going to do.

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