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Biosphere (in biology) - the zone of the globe, where life could exist. It includes surface water, the lower layers of the atmosphere, the surface of the earth's crust. Limits (ranges) of the biosphere are not clearly defined.

Biosphere as an environment of organization

In the world literature in the field of management and organizations authors pay more attention to the biosphere understood as the organization environment, stressing that every organization is only a relatively isolated from the environment. The termrelatively isolated means that the organization can not exist and develop without the environment because it draws from it the human, material, technical, financial resources, information and energy.

The organization should respect the environmental requirements, it can also affect the structure of the needs of the environment. Therefore, it should apply the parallel adaptive strategy, creating new needs in the environment. The organization must be aware that the people in the environment carefully monitor, control and evaluate the performance of an organization in different areas, e.g. in terms of business ethics, rules of operation, etc.

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