Business angel

Business angel
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Business angel is a private investor, usually former entrepreneur, who is investing his own capital in innovative start up business in order to achieve above average returns. Business angels provide capital in exchange for share in company.

Business Angels activity[edit]

Financing with help of business angels is popular in developed countries.

Major activity of business angels take place in USA, UK, France and Germany.

Role of business angels in financing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)[edit]

Business angels play an important role in financing risky projects which have difficulties with gaining capital from other sources.

Business angels besides providing capital also helps companies with advice and contacts in such fields like management, strategic planning, organization of company, suppliers etc. Business angels organise small networks in order to get in contact with companies seeking for capital, but majority of contacts are made informally.

Informal character of cooperation between business angel and financed company has impact on investment period and condition of collaboration which can be different in each case.


Author: Krzysztof Nadzieja