Cash voucher

Cash voucher
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Cash voucher is a basic type of form used as a tool to document a petty cash payment or other cash payments. For example, if somebody wants to take the money out of the petty cash fund, should fill out the form of cash vouchers to inform what is the reason for the withdrawal due to receive a cash in exchange.

If the person submits a formal request of cash and is doing it because wants to refund of the expenses which have already paid from their own funds, then this person should also include the appropriate receipt from the original purchase transaction in the application for a cash voucher. These vouchers are then saved as accounting entries.

The elements of the cash voucher form[edit]

The official form of cash voucher shall contain the space for the date, the number of the forms which ensure that all of the documents have been accounted legally, the amount of the cash which voucher provides as well as the details of the transaction. Moreover, the cash voucher should have the legal name of the cash recipient and the account to which the expenditure should be charged. At the bottom of this form should be a place for the signature of the recipient as well as the person who approved this action.

The petty cash[edit]

The term petty cash is used according to the small amount of cash that can be used for paying, rather than use the traditional writing of the check. The petty cash is mainly used in relation to the expenses to which the application of the check is unreasonable. The word petty can be also used in reference to the petty cash fund, which is a particular amount of money the person owns. This kind of document provides information which shows the amount of money, which were spent and illustrate the reason for those transactions[1].

The other view of the cash voucher[edit]

The cash voucher may be also associated with the vouchers providing a fixed amount of money to spend on products such as food, furniture, services and many other types of goods. Moreover, in some cases, shops did not want to return money for the purchase and they deal with the problem by giving the cash voucher in the amount of money which were earlier spent by the customers on the goods.

There are two main types of vouchers:

  • the cash voucher - this type of voucher has a fix cash value,
  • the commodity voucher - this type of voucher has a fix commodity value[2]

Therefore, the cash voucher can be decided in the two types such as:

  • credit voucher - represents the voucher which is prepared during the time when the cash is collected, which means that cash can be revoked when:
    • goods are sold,
    • the sale of investment or assets occurs.
  • debit voucher - represent the voucher which is prepared when the payment is made, which means that it can be made during the:
    • payment made to the creditors,
    • for the account of expenses,
    • purchases



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Author: Magdalena Czajka