Certificate of acceptance

Certificate of acceptance
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Certificate of acceptance is a document given by proper authorities (local, state, global - depending on the range of speciic project). It gives acceptance for contractors to start for example building works[1]. To get the certificate of acceptance, an authorized person - for example inspector, has to ascertain, that the works are compatible with (in case of construction project) building code, which is current on a day of file motion. Certificate of acceptance is also a document signed, when supplier gives fixed product to buyer. The second one confirmes reception of a product, checks quality od each component. If everything is consistent with findings, authorized person can ultimately confirm delivery and issue certification of acceptance[2].

Acceptance process in contract

In is crucial to make a detailed description of anAcceptance process in a contract. It helps to avoid any mistakes, exploitation of loopholes and responsibility transfer. Robert Shick in his book proposes four important issues to be included when creating a contract[3]:

  • The method of defining the acceptance
  • The time of acceptance, should it be before, during or after the delivery
  • The place of acceptance, should it be where the work is being made, where the delivery is setted or any other determinated place,
  • Responsibility for acceptance - means listing all people, who are responsible for the acceptance process - with exact positions. Who takes care of receiving the product and report, who checks the quality, who is the contracting officer, who should sign the certification of acceptance, and if necessary - any other responsibilities.

Law is not retroactive

Not in this case. If getting permission has been neglected, it is possible to get the certificate of acceptance for already existing projects and buildings[4]. To get the certificate for past projects, stakeholder has to make sure, that the project is compatible with current rules. To be more precise - with the rules current on a day of submission of the application. There are two issues that need to be remembered:

  • Getting the certificate of acceptance refers to one project - the one specified in the application. If any other projects are to begin, it is necessary to get another certificate of acceptance
  • Depending on an economic field


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Author: Anna Włodarczyk