Characteristics of organization

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Characteristics of organization
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Characteristics of organization – This concept has a lot of meaning. First of all this concept we can divided into three kind of meaning in science of management category:

  • Organization in an attributive meaning as a feature and synonym of “organized” word. We can say that someone is well-organized therefore this person can organize something very good.
  • Organization in a substantive meaning as a thing or entity composed of a few consistent with themselves parts. For example, the synonym of “organization” word in this meaning is institution.
  • Organization in a functional meaning as a creating some function, using some task for organization something.[1]

In science of society category (sociology, psychology) organization is deliberate and consistency group of people which is by a set of rules, conditions and cooperation between each other aims to a specific goal. That organization can works well, very important is to this social group was aware of rules and requirements applicable, to create connections and good relationship between members of this group.

In a classic organization meaning, organization is a bureaucratic form. Characteristics of this form are:

  • Hierarchy (the lower level is depend of the higher, and the highest have an authorities about the whole,
  • Division of labor and task between members according to referred to vertical,
  • Information make easier a good cooperation,
  • A specify information flow (employee shall inform an employer),
  • A person in a medium level, do not inform person in a low level to avoid additionally difficulties or keep this information for themselves because information is power,
  • The cooperation is restricted so it is meaning that has separate elements which should be done and at the end segregate and merge so various person do not have information about goal of task.

Current forms of organization

  • Administrative (activity which include public tasks. Administrations we can also mean like institution which cooperate themselves and are connected).
  • Economic (like a system of public institutions or private like as farm, industrial and home holding, which satisfies requirements some society).
  • Public (meaning as public social organization which haves ability to taking part in civil, administrative or court-administrative procedures).
  • Politics (For example, political party which as an organization have specify political program by which they want to obtain an authority and power).
  • Non-profit (organization which do not heading to make a profit but have a goal to help in a private or public sector without earning money). [2]
  • Religious (a religious organization meaning like a community. Specify relations between society or entity and a “God area”).
  • Military (organization composed of services and troops to heading an armed forces and protect country and citizens).

Tasks and goals of organizations

Tasks and goals of organization can be include in product and marketplace services and clients. Organizations have to do specify contracts to realize concrete goal. This organizations are characterized by responsibility and is heading to get a success. Designed a main goal to activity which is related with strategy conceptions. For example, they prepare a new activity to achieve some strategy or prepare a goals to achieve already existing strategy [3].There are goals like:

  • Officials goals, which are usually general are aimed to get attention all entity to encourage and get attaching to organization. It is serve to specify operations goals
  • Operations goals, which are disseminate by some specific programs, procedures and activity. They specify requirement from concrete person and entity of organization, so influence on functioning of organization.



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Author: Justyna Chłopek