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Check sheet
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The check sheet is extremely helpful in the process of collecting and organizing information, which relates to the specifics of a given product or process. Information about specific activities that are associated with the IP product or process is recorded on check sheet. Informations concerning the frequency of the events and of the place their occurrence should be recorded. Using an check sheet, it is possible to gather specific data so that managers can get the answer to questions like:

  • Have analyzed the problem occurred?
  • How many times there was a specific problem?
  • Where the problem occurred?
  • What was the cost for the organization?

Data can be recorded in the form of a simple graphic characters. The check sheet should be so designed that it can be clearly seen for what purpose is to be used. This is a very effective and simple tool that primarily serves to collect and organize data from the measurements to be carried out.

Types of check sheets

Usually check sheet is used to monitor the process, or the changes that it introduces using corrective or preventive action. In quality management the most common control sheets are:

  • numeric distribution of specific characteristics of a product or process,
  • the frequency of defects,
  • defect location,
  • cost of occurrence of faults and defects,
  • the causes of defects and malfunctions.