Coastal tourism

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Coastal tourism
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Coastal tourism and marine tourism includes: travel and leisure on domestic and foreign ships, ferries and yachts, sea transport and coastal shipping and sightseeing, sea and coastal sailing cruises. Maritime tourism is a type of tourism including seagoing tours, coastal shipping, sailing, kayaking and underwater tourism (diving).

Maritime tourism include all trips on sea and near the coast line on cruise ships, built specifically for this purpose, linear ships, sail boats and shipping vessels used in short coastal trips.

Types of coastal and marine tourism

The criteria for the division of marine tourism:

  • duration (short-term and long-term)
  • distance to destinations (near and far sea journeys,)
  • place of origin of tourists (domestic and foreign maritime tourism)
  • way of practising (maritime specialty tourism qualified and unqualified, organized and unorganized),

Forms of marine tourism

Forms of marine and coastal tourism:

  • seagoing trips,
  • sailing the sea,
  • passenger coastal shipping,
  • ferry shipping,
  • kayaking,
  • underwater tourism.

Characteristics of sea cruises

  • healing cruises offering rest and treatment at sea, qualified medical care, the medicinal properties of climate, clean sea air, sunbathing, water and exercise,
  • school cruises integrates process of acquiring knowledge with an interesting form of trips offshore, giving the opportunity to see what was the subject of a lecture at the school; such cruises complement the school curriculum, as well as increase the efficiency of teaching,
  • mini cruises - popular and inexpensive form of 2-4 day cruises, are also advertising for longer sea trips,
  • combined cruises - connecting sea shipping with other modes of transport - air, road, rail; carried on a single ticket,
  • All inclusive cruises - passenger cruises on big linear ships; offering benefits and various services on board, sightseeing tours, and often a few days' stay on the land in destination port,
  • cruises on ferries (passenger and car) allows tourists to break the sea trip and continue voyage by car or by bus from destination port inland.