Image of the company

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Image of the company
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Corporate image is a set of ideas about company existing in the immediate environment, mainly in the customers mind, including a set of positive associations evoked upon hearing or seeing the name of the logo. The image does not necessarily coincide with reality, it can be a subjective image of the company or its services.

The function of image for customers is:

The image is therefore a way to receive the identity of the company. It can be:

  • The same as identity, when a company is perceived by the environment exactly as it wants to be seen,
  • Other than identity, differences between the identity and the image can be caused by:
    • Purchaser improperly receive information about the company, creating bad associations about presented symbols,
    • Publicity instruments does not reach potential customers,
    • Discrepancy between the quality of products and services, and what it says about it.
    • Changes in market environment.

Corporate image can be positive, neutral or negative (bad, hurts the reputation of the company). The global image of the company is very important in the case of a complex and extensive business, with a network of sales offices or service points located in different countries.

The rules for creating the corporate image

When building the image managers should respect the following principles:

  • Do not start from scratch,
  • Do not limit itself to analysis,
  • Appreciate the importance of each bit of information about the company,
  • Monitor the competitors,
  • As soon as possible begin communicating with the environment,
  • Establish a clear, precisely defined and realistic objectives of communication,
  • Develop your own style: recognizable, interesting, flexible,
  • Involve all employees in creating company's image,
  • Measure the results of company's image in the environment.