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Brand promise
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Brand promise is one of the main elements of company's brand strategy and is included in several other components of the brand. It consist of words and images that express what customers can expect. This is the most important aspect of a brand. The promise of a brand aims to increase the company's value and service offerings.

The importance of a brand promise

Brand contains a lots of things which make her special and unique; for example logo, tagline or a trademark but also very important part are personality, an emotion and an impressions. This can help our brand to become stronger and built good relationship with our customers. Today people are loyal to brands which provides they expectations . They will choose our brand more often because we offers high quality and values. Brand promise is a good way to keep our clients but only if it is kept.If a company does not comply with the promise then it loses a reputation and the sale decreases quickly. Brand promise describes tangible characteristics of products or services offered by particular company[1]. Customer seeing particular brand automatically connects is to perceived brand promise with regard to product quality, price, convenience, value, etc. Creating valuable and positive brand promise is one of the most important element of company positioning, segmentation and marketing mix strategy. Importance of brand creates considerable requirements for proper management in this area.

The results of a brand promise

  • This strategy can help you to grow your brand and gain new customers.
  • You will become more attractive to other brands with whom you can cooperate.
  • Your promise are differentiate you from competitors and give the company an edge. This can help stand out in an increasingly crowded markets.

When you chooses purposeful promise everything can change up. Your brand become more innovative, liquid and collaborative. Also this can affect employees, this may change their behavior and there can be more creative and more respectful[2].

The employees role in brand promise

The role of employees in providing services with the brand promise is very important in branding literature. They are considered the main and trusted source and of information about the company. One time empirical research was carried out, which show how employees perceive their role, tools and techniques that help them fulfill the promises of brand. Combinations of qualitative and quantitative methods are used. This study showed that employees feel that their role is very important. An interview was conducted amongst 699 respondents who shows a large impact between internal branding instruments and brand promise delivery. Great impact on employees have these tools: brand loyalty and brand attitudes. These affect how delivery is served by employee's. As a result, internal branding affect the burning of their role by employees. What is more identify themselves with the role of the brand promises positively influences their behavior and increases efficiency and involvement[3].

Example of positively impact on employees[4]:

  • Their motivation is higher
  • Their behaviour can change up
  • They become more effective
  • We can achieve an adventage over the comperition

Therefore, when employees associated with corporate values we can talk about strong company.



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Author: Justyna Tereszkieiwcz