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Environmental problems are defined as harmful effects caused directly or indirectly by human actions on the climate, biophysical environment, ecosystem[1]. This concept is also named as the process which has a detrimental result on the environment quality needful for the wellbeing of the organisms living in that habitat[2].

Types of environmental problems

These days our planet is suffering from various environmental issues. Here are the most popular problems[3][4]:

  • Air Pollution One of the most common environmental causes nowadays. It occurs whenever the normal condition of gases from which air is build (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen) has an imbalance.
  • Soil and Land Pollution is being the result of making harmless waste from factories.
  • Water Pollution Due to the water we can provide using it to everyday activities like drinking, cooking, bathing but also to some industrial needs like manufacturing different products in industries, it can be used as heating, cooling or cleaning factor. Through all these actions harmful substances are folded into the water resources.
  • Global Warming is a problem that causes the rise in the earth's temperature through the fact of greenhouses gases.
  • Climate Change Most frequent symptoms are melting glaciers, droughts, frequent storms.
  • Deforestation means clearance of forests or green areas for urban, industrial or agricultural use. Demand for wood accrues according to the growing population.
  • Increased Carbon Footprint Increased total sum of emissions greenhouse gases led indirectly or directly by human activity, organization or occurrence.
  • Genetic Engineering is a process in which the DNA of plants or animals has been changed through genetic modification.
  • Overpopulation soaring of the population at an alarming rate accrue the need of human and planet resources like food and water supplies, demographic hazards.
  • Public Health Issues contemporary environmental problems have a large impact on human wellbeing. An example could be the polluted water which result in hazard to health and life span of human and animals.
  • Natural Disasters like hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, floods, volcanic eruptions effect of huge loss in people's life and property.
  • Disposing of waste A lot of litters will not rot as the result they can pollute land or water and can pose a treat to a living being.


Facing up to environmental issues becomes difficult because typically they are interrelated. A lot of countries make up theirs minds to prevent arising environment contamination by implementing environmental policy. As inhabitants of our Mother Earth, we can also take care of the environment and prevent issues. One may for example[5]:

  • Each of us can begin with attention about our home and transportation to work or school. If you start to communicate by public transport, walking or via bike you will be doing your role to reduce global warming. In household start with waste segregation congruous with your local disposal system.
  • You can support organizations or take part in actions that are concerned with planting trees.
  • Think about using non-toxic cleaning supplies or environmentally friendly cosmetics.
  • Next time while buying a flight considers donating carbon footprint balancing.

These are only a few samples at the same time easy to accomplish in concern to our environment.


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Author: Adrianna Lisak