Konnyaku stone

Konnyaku stone
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Konnayku stone is known as devil's tongue, is a quality control tool used to eradicate imperfections in manufactured parts. Surely, a primary target of any manufacturing business is to make a quality product. Konnyaku stone is a technique that can be employed by workers at all levels of the organization to help ensure that its operations are effective and efficient in meeting this aim. At Toyota, workers use the konnyaku stone to smooth auto body panels, ensuring that these panels are of a consistent quality and free of blemishes. Further, workers must sign off before panels can be moved to the next step in the production process. While this linchpin is based on the actual instrument used by Toyota, the concept can be applied to virtually any business: Allow every employee involved in a manufacturing (or other) process to stop it if there is a quality issue — and empower them to take action ( S. Zouggari 2016).

As a result of implementing konnyaku stone, workers:

  1. inspect products for quality workmanship,
  2. delete any imperfections
  3. ultimately take ownership of the work and the parts they produce.

Once you apply the Konnyaku stone and brushed it across the surface of metal, you will notice that each tiny imperfections and dust marks will surely be knock off and make it feel smoother. The use of this is very important since it can help you make your Toyota vehicle become incredibly new. Because of this, most of the Konnyaku Stone becomes a part of most of the production line of vehicles including the paint shop.

Although it is not new concept to this kind of industry, it has been proven that it is effective method in the production of vehicle for more than century. That is why it is highly popular to the Toyota Production System in which it serves as the Lean Manufacturing.

Konnyaku Stone - Removing Imperfections

For many professionals, Konnyaku Stone is a kind of technique that can be employed by all the workers at all kinds of levels in order for their operations to become efficient and effective. It has been used for many years wherein you will have the assurance that it fits for manufacturing industry that is proven fulfilling for some quite years. Through the use of Konnyaku Stone, a car will make true value that will make your customer to get highly pleased and not a waste of investment.

Because of the best result it can supply in one vehicle of Toyota, many of the car manufacturers can assert to you that they can provide you ideal body panels with super smooth surface. There is no doubt that this Konnyaku Stone serves as the best solutions to the manufacturer of Toyota and compromises the best results. Konnyaku Stone will help lots of workers of Toyota to prevent mistake to their production process and avoid any error. Upon its application before the car painted, it will help to prevent some drawbacks and arrange the possible mistakes to cars metal surface

Most of the Japanese car manufacturing company use the application of Konnyaku Stone and make it as their efficient method to make create remarkable and perfect Toyota car without having any remarkable Since they do understand what kind of expectations their customers will provide, they ensure that all of their customers expect beyond expectations. Currently, most of the car manufacturers have now better understanding on how to make the Toyota Production System become efficient and it is by adopting the use of Konnyaku Stone.

Konnyaku Stone is the best solution for many car manufacturers when it comes to the making of ideal vehicles. It can give you guarantee that it will supply high quality cars that you can be used for your everyday communication.

The Toyota Production System (TPS)

TPS is a management philosophy and strategy from the lean production view. It is a people oriented system because it esteems the fact that it is people who use the system. Esteem for the work team forms the basis of Toyota Production System. Efficient utilization of a member's time - employee engagement and encouraging lean process improvement contributions from staff are very important elements. Under Toyota Production System, every action of a team member should add merit to the production process and help reinforce overall productivity. Communication and visual management are at the core Toyota Production System. Toyota Production System Basics The main keystones of TPS:

  1. Standardization
  2. Just in Time Manufacturing
  3. Lean Kaizen
  4. Jidoka or Autonomation
  5. Total Productive Maintenance


Author: Beata Furmanek