Liner terms

Liner terms are the conditions under which shipping company will agree to transport goods. Liner terms usually include costs of loading, unloading, transport and discharge fee. Liner terms are from shipment company point of view.

Types of liner terms

The liner terms can be:

  • Free In Out (FIO) - loading/unloading not included
  • Free In Liner Out (FILO) - loading not included, unloading included
  • Liner In Free Out (LIFO) - loading included, unloading not included
  • Full Liner Terms (FLT) - loading/unloading included, stowage and trimming included
  • Free In Out Stowed (FIOS) - FIO, and stowage excluded
  • Free In Out Trimmed (FIOT) - FIO, and trimming excluded
  • Free In Out Stowed Trimmed (FIOST) - FIO, and stowage/trimming excluded


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