Marketing in local government

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Marketing in local government
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Marketing in the municipality or the county is used to present offers or resources of the specific "territorial products" for local residents and outside visitors. In marketing sense district/municipality is the business that operates under market economy conditions. It works in order to satisfy the needs of the local community, thanks to: human, financial and material resources. Although the county/municipality operates in a market economy, profit is seen rather in the social than financial sense.

Product of county/municipality

The product of the county/municipality is a collection of services that are offered for a fee, partial fee or free of charge to interested groups of customers. County/municipality as a non-profit organization primarily provides public services, mainly in the sphere of:

  • Support (municipal services, transportation)
  • Social (culture, education, sport, leisure, recreation, health, social welfare)
  • Administrative (registering vehicles, issuing licenses, etc.)

Municipal product forms

Marketing product of the county/municipality takes various forms:

  • Services (processes to provide then, the degree of differentiation and consumer participation in service process)
  • Persons (it is the exposure of people and inspiration of local public development)
  • Ideas (to promote certain behaviors and attitudes)
  • Organization (the goal is to get the acceptance of society for the organization and services provided by it services)

Promotion-mix instruments

  • Advertising
  • Public relations (information and communication which has influence in shaping a positive public opinion)
  • Sponsorship (financial support of services or property)