Areas of marketing

Areas of marketing
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Areas of marketing are spheres in which a marketer that is explaining a presented stretega, based on knowledge and research to achieve customer needs and reach profit.

We can distinguish following main areas:

  • market research,
  • brand management
  • advertising
  • social media
  • marketing mix

Market research[edit]

By researching, marketers have access to information on the needs, expectations of customers or companies with whom they want to cooperate in the future. Nowadays there are a lot of different techniques and methods, thanks to which you can draw the right conclusions very precisely, and thus also prepare the right business strategy.

Brand management[edit]

Involves using a good market position, tangible and intangible goods. Brand management requires cooperation of the entire staff and management staff. The marketing management strategy must take into account the diversity of the buyer's and seller's needs as well as the ambient conditions. Brand rating refers to the processes that are undertaken to gather feedback on the brand's image, experience, possessed goods and market position.


It is an important component of the marketing structure, clearly affecting the behavior of a specific group of consumers. Advertising is a form of impersonal, paid for, in accordance with the law and morality, the form of providing market information on a rich offer. Used by enterprises, non-commercial organizations and individuals, it influences the decisions and behavior of a given group of recipients through mass media.

This applies to communication in relation to the product, service, institution and idea. The standard definition of advertising includes seven main elements: paid form of communication, the presence of an identified sponsor, distribution through the media, the presence of a specific audience for treatment, lack of personalization of distributed information, aimed action [1]

Social media[edit]

When we use the term "social media", we mean both the area of information technology that facilitates dialogue and interaction. This area of marketing is a great opportunity to expand the number of recipients. Social media allow conversations between caters all around the world without traveling and related difficulties. "It allows companies to establish a communication channel with its customers, market their products, build brand equity, and boost clientele faithfulness.

However, as it is a two-way channel, it requires effort and care to manage this communication. Dissatisfied customers can protest out loud, attainment many other customers easily and damaging the brand's image. In order to avoid the risk of damaging the brand's image rather than improving it, the company should align their social media marketing with the global marketing strategy of the company." [2]

Marketing mix[edit]

Areas of marketing are also individual elements marketing mix (4P) such as:

  • product
  • price
  • place
  • promotion-impact on recipients of the company's products, consisting in providing them with information that is to increase the knowledge about products or services and the company itself in order to create market preferences for them. Promotion is an element of marketing communication. Promotional instruments are: sales promotion (sales activation), advertisement, personal sales, public relations [3]



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Author: Natalia Borowiec