Public relations in marketing

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Public relations in marketing
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Public relations in marketing - public relations are the "oldest concept to used to describe the communication activities of the organization"(J.Grunig 2013, p.4). The aim of managing public relations in every organization is to raise effectiveness. In general public relations in the company are advertisements, promotions, media relations but also marketing support. It was proven, that "providing marketing support is the most popular reason for using outside public relations firms" (J. Grunig 2013, p.367). In this case, marketing support is mostly product publicity but also working on a marketing strategy which includes conquering the competition. Still, there is a crucial difference between public relations strategic planning and marketing strategic planning. The efficient working public relations department will be separate from the marketing department. Marketing should be mainly focused on communication with markets."The major purpose of marketing is to make for an organization by increasing the slope of the demand curve. The major purpose of public relations is to save money for the organization by building relationships with the public."(J. Grunig 2013, p.20). Mostly, techniques used in marketing (e.g. price, promotion) are not useful in the public relations field.

Relationship between Public relations and marketing

The best way of creating a relationship between public relations and marketing in companies has been discussed for over 100 years. There are five models presenting types of structural relationships between PR and marketing. Each of them is representing another type of relationship - in one of these models it has been decided that they should have "equal, but overlapping functions"(J. Grunig and L.A. Gruning 1998, p.142). Three main goals have to be achieved by public relations in marketing and these are:

  • product publicity
  • customer relations
  • public relations serves as a ‘watchdog’ on the social responsibility of marketing

To sum up these three functions, public relations in marketing mainly focus on bonding customers with a particular company and creating the image of the company's actions in customers' eyes. Also, public relations departments are working on product publicity, which means that they aim to create the best impression of selling products. In other models of relationship, it is presented that:

  • Public relations and marketing should have a separate but equal function
  • Marketing having the dominant function
  • PR having the dominant function
  • Public relations and marketing having the same function (J. Grunig and L.A. Gruning 1998, p.142-143).


Author: Barbara Fidelus