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Perception of brand is the result of efficient marketing mix activities of the company, good quality of product or service and good relations with customers. Perception of brand is the ability of a potential or actual customer to recognize a brand or remember that it belongs to a specific category of products and give the brand relatively high internally perceived value. Good perception of brand by customers result in high brand loyalty, positive remarks of brand in social media and in direct contacts with friends or family. This results in situation that customers acts as a brand ambassador for some products and importance of brand for their opinions is very high.

Currently, the customer's perception of the brand influence on the company profit. It refers to consumer percestion of what present company's product .Due to the development of social media and customer reviews presented on the Internet, it has a major impact on the product opinion. Due to the growing importance to the aesthetic values of the product several researchers combined product design into general marketing-theoretical frame-work (Bloch, 1995; Veryzer, 1993; Wagner, 2000). It is important because currently well designed product allows company to create their own style. This framework can be use for test customer's reaction for alternative changes.

Bad brand perception results in opposite activities, dissatisfied customers try to inform other people about bad experiences with particular product or bran which has negative impact on sales and revenue.

Four bases of brand categorization

  • Product Affordances - this type of categorization allows to encourage the customer to purchase a product by, for example, its shape or size. This allows the customer to imagine what the product can be use for.
  • Brand-Product Categorization - this type of categorization allows to identify the product base on the knowledge about the brand.
  • Brand-Sign Categorization - the product is recognize by the customer on the base of characteristic signs or construction, which is used only by one company.
  • Brand-Style Categorization - some products are consider by the client to be luxurious (for example because they contain luminescent elements or crystals).

It is worth to say that currently companies compete each other so a good idea to retain a customer is chance to join to the loyalty program. It allows customer to retention in the company for a longer time by assurance customer more satisfaction (Bolton,Kannan, and Bramlett 2000).

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Author: Joanna Kruk