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Engagemet marketing is a marketing strategy, which relies on encouraging customers to take active and positive participation in the development of brand. In contrast to the perception of clients as passive recipients of information of any business, marketing is focused on active involvement of consumers in process of creation of marketing programs. Engagement marketing is intentional generalization, which is based on an psychological and social analysis of customer as a human being.

Such activity is aimed at enhancing customer loyalty to the brand by using the theory that the customer is a social being and has a natural need for communication, interaction and active participation in various activities. Initiatives of economic engagement must allow bidirectional flow of information and communication between company and customers. It is based on the belief that man can comprehend what he created and is able to cope with any difficulties.

Engagement marketing makes the impression of belonging to a particular brand, which is a very important factor at a time when consumer tastes and preferences changes constantly and rapidly. Companies are thus "tied" to their "community" of their customers for example, geographically, or through a local tradition.

In conclusion engagement marketing is focused on transparency, immediacy, engagement, interactivity, collaboration, experience, confidence and co-financing of development.

A perfect example is the action involving the marketing of Jones Soda company. On the manufacturer homepage, all customers can send their own pictures, which later were printed on the labels of bottles of soda. If the photos were interesting, they may become even label the entire series of products.

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