Public tasks of local government

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Public tasks of local government
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Local self-government is entitled to a substantial part of public duties. The scope of public tasks, for local government determines, respectively, the law on communal self-government, self-government district and the local government of the province. These laws generally do not Express directly the tasks themselves, but also links to detailed acts of administrative law, which identified specific outcomes and standards for implementation by local governments in specific areas of public life (for example: education, roads, water supply and sewage disposal).

Types of tasks of local authorities

Applicable law, identify three types of tasks of local government:

  • own tasks,
  • task commissioned from state government,
  • tasks commissioned by the state in the sphere of organizing and holding elections and referendums

Refusal to perform the tasks or its implementation not in accordance with applicable legal, are a prerequisite for the application of measures of supervision in respect of bodies of local self-government, including their decisions and the establishment of the board of trustees.

The source of the obligation of performing the tasks entrusted by the government administration, are the provisions of a special law, which for certain tasks and competencies has identified tasks and powers of local self-government. In addition to those tasks local government may additionally make administrative arrangements with public authorities (for example, taking over the management of the national public roads within the city that is the seat of the municipality).

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