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Employers association
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Employers association is a group of employers who operate in a similar or the same segment or sector of the economy. Its goal is to develop and care for the interests of member companies. Among other things, they give advice and they meet with trade unions. According to the sentence, employers association is "as an organization, whether temporary or permanent, that consists, wholly or mainly of employers whose main purpose includes the regulation of relations of between these employers and workers or trade unions. Associations in particular industries operate as both trade and employers' organizations, so that their functions cover commercial representation as well as the regulation of the employment relationship." (P. Lewis, A.Thornhill, M. Saunders, 2003, p.150). Employers association have given different business services, commercial information, support and advices. It's also an education services.

Types of Employer Associations

The main purpose of employer associations is to speak on behalf of employers collective negotiations. Below there are samples of different types of employer associations. They vary depending on the public policy.

It is like a business network. It also can be a local network, the purpose of which is to support the interests of enterprises. Such local communities are created by owners of small, medium and large enterprises, in cities and small towns. They do this to act on behalf of the business community. The board of directors or the executive board is chosen by community members (local companies). It sets out the rules and policy of the Chamber. The entire organization is managed by the president, general director or executive director and staff. They are employed by the management. A chamber of commerce is an optional association of business companies (V. I. Fedotov, 2007, p.3).

  • Better Business Bureau

This is a private non-profit organization. The mission is the development of confidence in the market. It consists of 106 members. The organization is non-governmental and impartial. This employer association mainly evaluates the company in terms of integrity and business practices. On this basis, accreditations are granted to companies. Better Business Bureau also mediates disputes between the company and the consumer. BBB members must meet certain conditions. If they do not meet them, the accreditations may be withdrawn.

  • Associated Builders and Contractors

It is an association of employers, which includes about 250,000 companies. These companies are related to construction, mainly in the field of trade and industry. The organization's mission is to encourage open competition on the market. The association provides accreditation for companies that pay attention to safety, social relations, training and benefits.


Author: Edyta Krzyczman