R&D project

R&D project
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Research and development project is a complex set of activities performed by various individuals that in theory should lead to innovation, introduction or improvement of some products or procedures. R&D project activities may look different in different institutions, those activities may be either performed by engineers (whose main objective is to develop new products) or by industrial scientists (whose main objective then is to apply research in scientific or technological fields in order to simplify future development).


Activities performed during research and development projects are very responsive to sudden research environment changes. This might sometimes be problematic, while new problems may appear in the real-time or meantime while conducting research.

Such process is also very complicated. The process by which activities concerning research and development project is measured, monitored, acknowledged, documented etc. varies greatly. It depends on projects, programs and organizations.

Managing development and progression of the R&D baseline[edit]

Research and development projects have to be managed in a different way than the deployment projects (they usually follow its own neat process). This different way means that managers have to among the others establish parameters framing the scope, costs and schedule, make overall review, identify research elements, make approval for the whole project.