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Core process
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Core process - this is the main activity or set of activities that must be performed in an accurate manner to ensure that the company has a constant competitive advantage. This is due to the fact that this core process guarantees a constant flow of money and customers. It is also, above all, a distinguishing factor that gives the company great added value. Moreover, it also provides consumers with additional benefits in the form of better customer service or faster and more efficient execution of orders, deliveries or complaints. With this in mind, most national or international companies implement uniform processes in their structures to enable them to achieve these effects.

Implementing core process

The development of the main process should start with a thorough analysis, which will be carried out by an independent auditor. He will take into account the following factors:

  • A value that distinguishes a company from its competitors;
  • Strategic assets and how company uses them;
  • Ways of using human resources and maximizing intellectual potential;
  • Competitive environment and competitive methods of selling, increasing revenues or minimizing costs.

Considering the above, a given person will implement a set of reactions, which will have to be performed by persons or machines in a specific time and with specific events. Such action can be compared to the creation of algorithms. It consists in the fact that a scenario is written which foresees the fulfillment of specific events. In this way it automatically allows for a quick and automatic reaction. As a result, just like employees, customers are not put in uncomfortable situations, where the person responsible for the implementation of the process fails [1].

Using core process in international business

Most multinational corporations implement their own core processes to achieve cross-border synergies. This enables people working on the other side of the globe to serve customers located on another continent. All thanks to a properly applied core process [2].

It is particularly important in the case of call-center services. Usually, the main language spoken by the operators of such entities is English. However, it is very often the case that this language is not their native language. Therefore, especially for cost reduction, they were employed and implemented in the process. Thanks to this, they continue to provide services at a very good level, and at the same time their labor costs are significantly lower (so that the employer can spend more money on paying dividends or future investments) [3]. Nevertheless, it is often accused that process implementation deprives people of their independence and creativity. This is an approach based on mechanical and rigid rules of conduct. Therefore, thinking out of the box is very often undesirable and even punishable.


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Author: Weronika Czarna