Reasons for creating project teams

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Reasons for creating project teams
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There are number of reasons. for which project teams are created, including:

  • Organized teams are generally more efficient than individuals or unorganized groups.
  • Teams are generally useful where results require a breakthrough and creativity, where method leading to the objective is not specified or, in the case where there is no clarity as to the division of tasks between individual users.
  • The members of the team working together derive greater satisfaction from the project, they share the sense of "making a difference" in relation to the project.
  • Team members usually have more fun working together.
  • In the team there is a common bond that gives the feeling that each individual member is not alone. As a result, team members do not want to disappoint their colleagues.
  • Direct communication team members is more efficient than communicating through a third party supervising the project.
  • Teams are usually able to respond faster to changing conditions, they are also more flexible in this regard.
  • Project teams faster solve problems and adversity, and are more resistant to change.
  • Teams quickly learn based on experience and cooperation of all members.

The main reason for creating project teams is the duration of the project. While in the case of small non-commercial projects, time does not matter, for large projects compliance specified in the contract is a priority. The most common reason for failure of the project is inability to meet the deadline which significantly increase the cost of the entire project.