Advantages of team work

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Advantages of team work
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The advantage of teamwork is not only to facilitate the implementation of tasks through their division, but also increased productivity, resulting from the fact that the integrated group is more efficient to operate than individuals belonging to it. According to Hofstätter (1957), we can conclude that:

  • The team knows more. Knowledge of individual team members add up, especially when it comes to specific abilities, skills and practical experience. As a result, the group is able to fill in the gaps that go unnoticed by the unit-even with the most conscientious, subjective reflection. In the case of problematic tasks with a high degree of complexity, team may find new opportunities to conduct, if only there was an extension of horizons of all the team members by aggregating the knowledge of each of them. If the group knows more, individuals can learn from her.
  • Team mobilizes. Discussion within team goes beyond individual opinions, because sentences are arranged in strings of thought that gives new impetus for action. However, not only in the sphere of thinking, group stimulates its members and interacts with the environment. Thanks to the processes of group dynamics, desire to influence others may increase, thereby increasing productivity levels. There is much evidence for stimulating functions of the team, often manifested in the opinion of group as whole, which is more reliable than the opinion of a single employee.
  • Team relieves emotional stress. Differences of views are almost impossible to avoid in discussions affecting the emotional sphere. Group relieves the tension through confirmation or objection. Where it is not possible to obtain unambiguous assessment "right-wrong" or "relevant-irrelevant", the team must be guided by the principle of compromise. With the emotional load of each of its members, the group may use its moderating influence to contribute to the relaxation and thereby improve the efficiency of the unit. Team members create social bond which facilitates better emotional environment in work place.

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