Disadvantages of team work

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Disadvantages of team work
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Disadvantages of team work can include dissatisfaction with the distribution of team's success, discrepancy of earnings between members. Achieving the objective is in fact not the merit of the individual, but a lot of people. Another disadvantage may be a character mismatch within team, which leads to frequent conflicts. Wrong choice of leader, illogical performance of duties, not following the rules in the relationship between people and rules established by the group is the reasons that reduce the value of teamwork. Additionally rivalry, which exceeds allowable standards, hinders or prevents efficient action.

Group members may experience communication barriers caused by noise, emotional, non verbal gestures and words. They manifest themselves as misunderstanding the content of transmitted message or the fact that the common link between the sender and the recipient is not established. Also attempts to manipulate, transmit misleading information, could encounter resistance and reluctance in the recipient.

Negative behavior could be spawn by criticism, for example, from leaders or other members of the team. Criticism should be used in compliance with certain rules, it is first necessary to direct it to a specific person and only directly (in four eyes). Conflicts are situations in which there is a conflict of interests, and its members are trying to impose their will on each other. Such events should be solved as soon as possible, to prevent their further development. Good methods here is negotiation and compromise. It is very important to give everyone the opportunity to express their opinions or suggestions.

Another disadvantage of team work can be stress, tension felt when you need to make an important decision, worrying due to bad relations with people, in a situation of anxiety or fear to impending danger. Short, intense stress can be sometimes motivating and exciting. If we will control stress and our reaction to it, it will not be a threat to our well-being in the long term.

Team work stress management

Stress can be controlled. Excessive stress, we can reduce, control over own reactions to it. Just learn the specific skills that will help identify stress factors and change harmful reactions to stress without reaching for cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. If you mastered these skills, you will be able to control the stress if it appears, as well as prevent its occurrence in the acute form.

The most important conditions for managing stress is awareness, acceptance, responsibility and ability to cope with difficulties. First, you need to be aware of your stress level, signals of his presence, character traits that may be associated with stress, causes of stress and how to master it.

There are four main strategies that we can apply to cope with stress:

  • improving the overall health of the body through proper nutrition, rest, sports and other healthy habits,
  • change of situation causing stress,
  • change of thinking, perception and evaluation of stress factors,
  • change of body – learning to replace stress response throughout the relaxation techniques.

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