Refresher training

Refresher training
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Refresher training it is course, which purpose is to recall and reinforce previously acquired skills and knowledge. The particular refresher program is designed for existing employees in the company. It is usually triggered when skills or knowledge of employee is becoming obsolete or outdated, due to the new technology and simply, due to human tendency to forgot things. Such trainings are crucial for company performance in longer term, as without well trained employees with knowledge of lates inventions; company may gradually loses its position on the market[1].

Advantages of refresher trainings

There are many benefits of refresher courses, which we may apply for both the employee and the employer. Company should recognize employees's needs and fields of knowledge that particular employees should improve. Those gaps should be spotted by managers and team leaders who are focused on daily demands of operations and request needed refresher training. Proper approach brings [2]:

  • increased efficiency
  • reduced mistakes
  • even employee knowledge base
  • promotion of excellence and equality
  • safety and compliance among employees
  • costs savings (avoiding potential future issues)
  • increased pool of talent
  • increased self-confidence and empowerment of the employees

Topic examples of employee’ refresher trainings

There are many topics of trainings that should be conducted periodically, as refreshers for existing employees. Each subject depends on the field of the business, specifics of job any many more. Mentioned below examples are ones of the most important refresher training and in many cases, given topics are general for all businesses[3]:

All employees are recognized as representatives of a company's brand. Therefore, they should be provided with periodical refresher trainings that will raise subject of customer interactions. The topic is essential for the company's growth and client loyalty. Every employee should be attentive, patient and have proper knowledge, when interacting with current customer or potential one.

  • New products, services or programs

Through the year company implements changes, improve services or feature programs. It is crucial to provide all employees with training and prepare for the change. However, employer should always remember that in the moment when the training is conduced employee may not need to use the knowledge immediately. It happens that training is provided in not right time. Therefore, the refresher of the training should be organized once again, in accurate time. Employees are more efficient in the field, when the knowledge is as new and fresh as possible.


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Author: Anna Stach