Learning and development perspective

Learning and development perspective
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Development perspective includes goals and indicators, which determine the development of the organization. All the goals in the development perspective form base for implementation of the objectives contained in the other three perspectives. They determine, therefore, achieving success in other perspectives.

Balanced scorecard also stresses the importance of investing not only in traditional areas such as. development of technologies, but also in organizational infrastructure, people, systems and procedures, in order to achieve long-term objectives.


Factor of development perspective are:

Staff satisfaction is guarantee of productivity gains, the operational flexibility and competent customer service. Therefore, it is worth to invest in employees, since intellectual capital is very important in the development perspective.

After managers specify a basic human resources indicators, they should identify measures specific to the conditions and circumstances of company environment.

Perspective of development and knowledge allows to answer the question of how to preserve the ability to change and improve efficiency and carry out the mission of the organization.

It is essential to develop strategic skills, provide access to strategic information and integration of personal and company's objectives. You must also take into account the indicators of past events (e.g. employee satisfaction, revenue/1 employee as well as indicators of the future for recruiting key employees, etc.)