Selling skills

Selling skills
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Selling skills of employees improve overall company performance and increase profits gained from sales. There are several important skill for successful sales people[1]:

Importance of first impression and nonverbal channels in selling procedure[edit]

First impression is an essential matter for salespeople. Only a few first seconds decides about eventual success or defeat in the future. Although it is not necessary to initiate verbal contact between customer and employee.

Literature sources has provided that nonverbal channels have great importance in selling process. Significant role in this issue plays:

  • gesture
  • tone of voice
  • body movement
  • facial expression

Above examples enable to perceive emotions, personal identity and intentions which characterize salespeople. There are several problems about every eployee is obligated to remember, namely:

  • it is hard to control nonverbal channels and in cosequence true informations (intetions and feelings) can be disclosed
  • people who speaks do not have reliable knowledge about their faces appearances or sound of their voice
  • inverbal expressions mostly are quicker than verbal behavior
  • sometimes through nonverbal behaviours salesperson is able to present more exact informations and conclusions[2].

Factors of successful selling[edit]

A good seller should be able to[3]:

  • provide information about selling product
  • quote relevant comparisons
  • acknowledge the customer's viewpoint
  • offer evidence to support his or her view
  • ask the right questions
  • support the client
  • releas probable disputes
  • enhanced effort
  • have particular knowledge about customers
  • confidence in his or her own abilit

Desired characteristics of salespeople in buyers minds[edit]

Salespeople should be aware of the features desired by cosumers. Below has shown key factors[4]:

  • knowleddge about selling products and the market
  • capability to solve faced problems
  • good communication
  • ability to gratify and understand the customer's needs
  • ability to help in guaranteeing the fast and reliable delivery of products
  • precision



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Author: Justyna Kurnik