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Customer service office
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Customer service is the entire infrastructure (social and technical) created by the entrepreneur in order to communicate with the client, which takes place by means of communication, primarily through the means of individual communication, such as telephone, e-mail, messenger internet, speech. The individual media is characterized by a private character - they serve the exchange of information between specific recipients, which allows us to individualize the content of the message.

Objectives of customer service offices

  • Communication with clients (especially the emphasis on individual communication, referencedialogue), building and strengthening relationships
  • Facilitating the customer to reach goods and services, and above all, help in obtaining comprehensive information about the company's offer
  • Improving the company's image - a well-organized, customer-friendly service office is the showcase of the company, allows you to gain new customers
  • Focusing customer relationships in one system, the customer service office can simultaneously act as a store, information and complaint service
  • Personalization of the message content and individual adjustment of means of communication to the client's preferences
  • Creation of a comprehensive database, updated at every contact with the client
  • Supporting the construction of marketing orientation of the company

Basic elements of customer service

  • Verifying who the client is
  • Extension of client definition
  • Developing a positive attitude towards the client

You shape every relationship with the customer through his / her opinion on it. It is not worth focusing on satisfying every need, because then you can easily be used, but you should look for less specific, hidden needs, albeit significant to the client. For example, treating the client with empathy, or acting with an initiative, proposing an offer in case you can not provide him with what he needs. Clients are divided into external and internal ones. The first of them are traditional customers, who buy products and services that have personal and telephone contact. Others are people who create a company and use its services, products as well as information used to do the job. Extending the definition of customer service with colleagues we are taking a step towards improving service.

Ten mistakes made while servicing the customer

  1. Ignorance. People calling the customer service office require knowledge about the products and services offered. It is worth to beware of the words "I don't know".
  2. Indifference. The client needs to be given full attention, you can not get distracted and disregard his person.
  3. Lack of sympathy. People are sensitive to disapproval or even hostility. If we show her a person calling us, we may lose a potential or current customer.
  4. Arrogance. Do not interrupt or impose, because it will be caught as a compulsion to submit.
  5. Humiliation. You need to direct the client, help in finding the problem.
  6. Racism. Building your attitude through the image of the other person is not a good idea.
  7. Rejection. The purpose of customer service in the office is to encourage him to return.
  8. Haughtiness. Different views can not affect customer relations.
  9. No time. Dedicated time affects customer satisfaction.

Organizational forms of customer service offices

  • Salons-places where the seller and the customer come into direct contact. In salons you can buy goods and services, get the necessary information and help, for example technical (help desk), use professional consultations, file a complaint
  • Call center (ie the so-called telephone center, customer service center, contacts with clients, often also called contact center). Call center is used to contact customers by using the phone as a medium. The main tasks of the call center are accepting orders, providing information, accepting complaints, making reservations (e.g. in cinemas, travel agencies). The call center also serves as a help desk or hot line (the so-called hot line).
  • The hotline - just like the call center - is used to contact customers by using a telephone, the main task of the hotline is to provide information about services and products
  • Cellular in which you can inquire about the invoice amount and date, your services, account balance, current promotions

Currently, many companies also use

  • Mailing - communication via e-mail
  • On-line conversations - communication via chat.