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Service bureau is equipment (people) created to establish contact between the customer and the seller.This communication takes place during or after the sale of the good or service. This kind of contact with the client allows to reduce the costs of providing assistance to the client[1].

The most common means of communication between buyer and supplier are:

  • conversation,
  • telephone,
  • computer (e.g. email).

The main tasks of the service bureau are:

  • contact with the customer,
  • improving the company's image,
  • help in getting to a given good or service,
  • solving problems (e.g. complaints).

Forms of service bureau

Call centers are currently one of the most popular forms of customer service. The basic means of communication in this form is the telephone. Call centers are responsible for handling customer connections. The caller can: order goods or services, file a complaint, conclude a contract, e.g. in the case of telecommunications services, book something, but also provide technical support. The second task of a call center is to call potential customers. Various companies outsource the service to a given service. It is searching for clients, checking their data or recovery[2]. Although other forms of customer contact are increasingly used: e-mail or through websites.

Helpline is a service that helps in customer service. Callers can get information from a consultant without having to go to the place of business. Businesses may provide some information about a product or service over the phone, but they will also try to resolve the issue[3].

Customer service office is a place where the customer has direct contact with the seller. In such places you can buy a given product or service, but also make a complaint or get the necessary help in solving problems with a given product.

Customer service process

Customers come / call the service office where they need immediate help in settling the matter. Customer service has pre-defined guidelines that they should follow. Sometimes this causes customer dissatisfaction and the belief that he has been mistreated. A person who wants to work in such an office should be patient and willing to help. However, this process is not only contact with the customer but also various types of activities or documents[4].

The customer relationship management system is an IT system that supports the work of departments such as sales, marketing and customer service. The purpose of this system is to collect and analyze customer information. This is to improve the quality of customer service[5].


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