Quality in tourist agency

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Quality in tourist agency
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Quality standards of travel agencies depends on qualifications of a person who organizes tourist events or deals with contracting service providers.

Tour guide or agency employee should also receive training in the field of service and pass the exam, which will check the skills and abilities. Pilots and foreign guides should be familiar with foreign languages. Language fluency is also checked by the exam. It is also necessary a medical certificate, which contains information about the absence of contraindications to the profession.

Requirements for contracts and provided information

Contract should indicate the service package price, where is the place, route, duration, means of transportation and their class, information about the object (e.g. hotel) location, its type and category, the amount and type of food, a detailed program of tourist attractions and the stages of the tour. It is also important that in this agreement have to be included methods of payment and whether it is possible ways to cancel the event. It is important that the client receives information about the legislation concerning customs clearance, visas, passports and medical certificates, which are required for some trips.

Selected factors affecting the quality

Many travel agencies use the services of proven and well-known tour operators. This usually helps to avoid problems associated with quality. Tour operator should know the region of the world, to which he sends customers. Therefore, he should check whether the space is adequate and there is no impediment to a tourist could spend time there. With the good knowledge about the site tour operators often avoid problems and complaints from dissatisfied customers.

Also after-sales service is important for the quality. This includes: complaints against tour operators and hotel companies, transport, insurance. Agents often gather information about the quality of services contained in the package. Travel agencies take these actions in order to avoid any accusations so that their reputation on the tourist market is not affected.


Author: Joanna Drozd