Storage and handling infrastructure

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Storage and handling infrastructure
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Logistic processes covering the flow of goods, stocking and creation and processing of related information require a specific storage infrastructure. which consists of:

  • storage buildings
  • technical means of manipulation and internal transport
  • storage devices (measurement and control, fire control)
  • technical measures relating to the computerization of processes in warehouses

The most important tasks that meet the storage facilities is to provide smooth and expeditious flow of stocks, their protection and preservation of value, and smooth and rapid flow of information

In addition, it takes into account auxiliary storage device (mechanical forming and securing of cargo, to measure the weight, volume and dimensions, etc.).

Technical measures for handling and transportation

Another important component of the infrastructure is technical means of manipulation and handling, which significantly affect the flow rate, level of performance of stock manipulation and transport processes and the degree of protection against the loss of value.

Main types of means of transport and handling:

  • cranes
  • conveyors
  • trucks and other wheeled vehicles