Production logistics subsystem

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Production logistics subsystem
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Production logistics subsystem provides the link between the supply of logistics distribution in companies whose activities include the manufacture or assembly of the products offered at least. Logistical tasks in the production area are related to the supply of raw materials, materials, semi-finished and purchased parts, the movements of goods between successive stages of processing and transmission of finished goods to the warehouses and to the market.

Along with making decisions about the production, solutions for the flow of goods and information is determined, according to emerging needs. Basic problems which the outcome determines the usefulness of specific logistics solutions in this area can be presented on the basis of the characteristics of the production process:

  • Type of production (depending on the production program) - it concerns the choice between mass production and the production of certain types of products, batch or unit.
  • Organization of production flow - pipelining, permanently synchronized, unsynchronized, lines pipelining, variable arrangement workshop, sockets of repetitive manufacturing, sockets of unique production.
  • Location of the production process and distribution of the devices involved in the process, location of warehouses for buffer stocking and securing business continuity,
  • Rules for the supply of materials - associated primarily with the choice between orders based on demand (determined on the basis of the production plan) or based on consumption (providing supply when it reaches the minimum level - so-called. safety stock)

Highlighted features are fundamental characteristics used in the manufacturing process. The decisions taken should, however, take into account the availability of suitable logistics solutions regarding the range of tasks to implement flow of goods and information in the area of ​​production. Availability of adequate logistics solution also depends on the possibility to cooperate with specialized service providers.