Receiving area

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Receiving area
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Receiving area is one of the zones in magazine dedicated to technical and operational activities relating to the receiving of materials and goods. It is the first part of the magazine.

The goods are taken from one mode of transport, external or internal, with the help of carts of cargo handling operations. If the level of the warehouse parties is equal to the ground level loading can be carried out directly using the manoeuvring yard. The work of handling uses the fork-lift truck, manual low lifter, etc. Thanks to them the movement of goods on the loading platform is possible.

Equipment used in receiving area

If store level is above the reception zone, it is equipped with the discharge fronts. There are non ramp fronts, ramp fronts and mixed:

  • Non ramp fronts are characterized by simplicity of construction and the lack of mechanical part. To be able to reload the materials of the vehicle it must be equipped with a ramp to allow free movement of the means of transport inside the warehouse.
  • Ramp fronts - with an automatic lift or withdrawable ramp. It is used when downloading material from the means of transport.
  • Mixed fronts - modern fronts allow receiving goods via ramp or ramps directly from the vehicle.

Task performed during receiving of shipment

During the operation of reception, in essence, there are five tasks:

After receiving, goods are moved to proper warehouse, where they available for other business processes (sales, production, etc.)