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Teletax is an information service that provides two services (Tele-tax Refund Responses 1999, s. 2):

  • registered technical tax information,
  • information on the status of refund.

To get access to it, just call the designated number. So this publication only applies to your refund response. This service is presented on websites to inform you. If there is any offset, mathematical error or other potential problem with the return, please contact us by phone. You can also contact us if you have questions or suggestions on how to respond to a refund (Tele-tax Refund Responses 1999, s. 2).

You must wait at least three weeks after confirming your return details to check your refund (Handbook for Electronic ... 1998, s.21)

Teletax is(IRS Guide to Free ... 2000, s. 3):

  • information about registered taxes,
  • information about automated refunds,
  • tax tele topics using a computer.

TeleTax is a free IRS telephone service, informs you about the automatic tax refund and provides registered tax information. It presents registered taxes, consisting of about 150 topics, which present basic tax information. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is call the number provided. During the conversation, you can listen to any topic. All you need is a copy of your current tax return, because you will need the first social security numbers (provided on your return), filing status, and the exact refund amount. Every seven days, the IRS is updated (IRS Guide to Free ... 2000, s. 3).

Examples of teletax topics

Topic (United States. Internal Revenue Service 2014, s.96):

  • No. 751 - Social security and Medicare withholding rates,
  • No. 752 - Form W-2-Where, when, and how to file,
  • No. 753 - Form W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate,
  • No. 754 - Form W-5-Advance earned income credit * No 755 - Employer identification number (EIN)-How to apply,
  • No. 756 - Employment taxes for household employees,
  • No. 757 - Form 941-Deposit requirements,
  • No. 758 - Form 941-Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return,
  • No. 759 - Form 940/940-EZ-Deposit requirements,
  • No. 760 - Form 940/940-EZ-Employer's Annual Fed- eral Unemployment Tax Return,
  • No. 761 - Tips-Withholding and reporting,
  • No. 762 - Independent contractor vs. employee.


Author: Dominika Duda