Uniformity of production

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Uniformity of production
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The uniformity of the production is used to create same quality items in equal intervals of time. It is dependent on the even inputs and human resources, as well as with the use of machinery and equipment.

Measuring the uniformity of production uses a number of indicators. They do not, however, represent the level of uniformity, but number of items produced in given point of time. The uniformity of the number of produced items at any given time shall be calculated by comparing the actual numbers produced with planned uniform size. The formula is this\[ R = \frac{Pf}{Pr} \]


\( R = \frac{Pr-Pf} {Pr} \)


R - uniformity of production
Pf - the actual number of items produced
Pr - uniform daily production

Uniformity of production in company is dependent on internal processes, motivation and proper planning of production. External stimuli affect the uniformity of production i.e.: processes of materials supply, cooperation with subcontractors, servicing equipment, spare parts supply. Growth in uniformity of production is associated with an increase in the quality of the products, reduced number of accidents at work, and improved efficiency of the production process.