Warm Calling

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Warm Calling
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Warm calling means establishing relationships with potential customers by calling or visiting them at home. It is important not to immediately organize to meet clients or purchase a product, but to establish a relationship with them.

Warm calling is a straightforward process of determining who to talk to in possible groups so that you do not have to deal with call screeners. Dealing with warm calling, we elude the customer's resistance to sales, which is often encountered during cold calling, which usually tends to organize a meeting [1].

Turn a warm call into a sale

The effectiveness of warm calling results from the reference of customers that we already have. It is important to strive for free and close contact with the client by listening and understanding his needs and requirements. It is also important to actively help with the problems heard by advising on the solution. This shows that we are interested in what we listen to and want to help. With this approach, warm calling is very effective and brings better results than the traditional approach, cold calling.

To go well in sales, keep the next points in mind[2]:

  • show happiness in what you do, it's best to work with people who like what they do,
  • follow the principle that sometimes it is better to listen than to speak,
  • don't complicate,
  • don't have prejudices,
  • have a plan and know what you can say,
  • know when to let go and not push for sale,
  • have a realistic look at what customers want from you and respect how much time they need to make decisions,
  • control the sales action, but do not decide for customers, on the other hand, you can influence their thinking and behavior.

Neighborhood warm calling

Here's how to introduce warm calling to acquire customers in a local community:

  • first of all, carry leaflets or business cards - it contains the most important information about the company,
  • if you are organizing an event - bring invitations to this event,
  • make contact with other companies that are neighboring you - it's worth helping each other,
  • don't ask and don't expect anyone to devote time or attention - approach it not as sales but as meeting people and telling about your event or company.

Thanks to this attitude, you can be sure that your visits will not be artificial or awkward. If you don't impose yourself, you can't be rejected[3].

Cold calling

Cold calling is a nightmare for every seller. You have to have the courage to choose someone from the contact list, pick up the phone and call an unfamiliar person. You never know if we will meet a nice greeting or hang up by our interlocutor.

Also meeting a new potential customer is not easy. It happens that people get very stressed because of it, that's why you also need courage for this. Except for selecting from the list received from the company, clients can be found at various company events or fairs.

It is inconvenient to meet someone referred by regular customers, especially when you know you have to sell something. Cold calling is one of the most disrespectful tasks in the company, but also one of the most significant[4].


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Author: Oliwia Książek