Influencer marketing strategy

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Influencer marketing strategy
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Influencer marketing strategy is a conception, where brands offer goods in return of advertisement or recommendation of their product in social media. This strategy is based on people who follow the influencer. It is a partnership with a mutually beneficial outcomes (L.Pophal 2016, p.26 ). According to the authors:N.Hayes and D.Brown " Influencer marketing is an approach that identifies and targets influencers in a market" ( N.Hayes, D.Brown 2007, p.25 ).

Influencer definition

It is a person who has confirmed believability and listeners. People who can encourage others by correctness of their credibility and realness. Influencers can come in a lot of different types. They can be one of the form ( S.Hall 2017, p.96 ):

  • Bloggers
  • Newspaper person
  • Author of magazines
  • Analysts of some industry
  • Specialists, who are accounted as authority in some area by followers.

Example of Influencer marketing practises

Influencer marketing strategy should be based in accordance with the process's steps. According to S.Hall:"

  1. Prepare and plan (Define influencer marketing goals and customer targets, build influencer map)
  2. Identify influencers (Leverage social and third party knowledge, market activities, engage subject matter experts)
  3. Select influencers (Research, Marketing budget review)
  4. Engage influencers (Forum participation, engage indirectly, Incentivize)
  5. Meause influencers (KPI selection, KPI review)"(S.Hall 2017, p.98).

It doesn't matter what size of company or kind of marketing the brand has because Influencer Marketing is for everyone (K.Sammis, C.Lincoln and S.Pomponi 2015, p.17 ). Influencer marketing is working in two directions. One is focused on method how influencers make good job of introducing their readers to a new brand or product. Second direction of influencer marketing appears when customer is in the purchasing intent phase (K.Sammis, C.Lincoln and S.Pomponi 2015, p.20 ).

Influencer marketing and WOMM

WOMM - Word of mouth marketing is a skill of promoting goods by satisfied customer. People talk about some product or service and hand information and advantages on others. According to A.Sernovitz "the definition of word of mouth marketing:

  1. Giving people a reason to talk about your stuff
  2. Making it easier for that conversation to take place" ( A.Sernovitz 2012, p.3).

Word of mouth marketing is practising in every kind of Influencer platforms for example: one person watched the Influencer's video, than is talking to a friend about product, which saw on YouTube. In this way dissemination of information about new brands, products, services and business is faster.

Benefits of this strategy

Influencer marketing strategy brings many advantages for business development for example (D.Brown and S.Fliorella 2013, p.77):

  • Bigger range of advertisement
  • A lot of new customers from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • Higher brand identification
  • Noticeably higher demand on goods
  • Brand become a well-known company
  • Influencer can truly connect with customers

Influencers have a lot of benefits also. For example, Influencer gains on this business:

  • Free products from brands in exchange for advertisement
  • A financial reward
  • New contracts
  • New followers, who saw their profile in product's campaign
  • Bigger audience

Influencer marketing platforms

Influencers have a places in Social media, where they place their stories from the day, recommendations and advertisements of some brands. There are a lot of various places in public network like (K.Sammis, C.Lincoln and S.Pomponi 2015, p.9-12):

  • Blogs allow to publish a different texts on their website, where readers can comment and collaborate with author.
  • Instagram is very useful, because Influencer can show brand in photos, videos, instastories and write with their followers. This kind of social media allows to follow activities by hashtags.
  • Pinterest shows a nice content of brands. Products are presented in great, optical way.
  • Facebook allows to create a purchasing groups, where members can read opinions, share real photos and give discount code for products.
  • YouTube allows to broadcast for example games or shopping videos unprepared. Spectators can see some of products with recommendation live.

Research results

Researches present growth in effectivity of Influencer marketing strategy. Results of them are shown in S.Hall's book "Innovative B2B Marketing":

  • "72 per cent of B2B buyers use social media to research a purchase (Demand Gen, 2014)
  • More business buyers(53 per cent) are relying on peer recommendations when they make a purchase. This number has increased from 19 per cent in 2012 ( Demand Gen,2014)." (S.Hall 2017, p.98)


Author: Paulina Zając