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To the waybill the sender must attach the documents specified in the special regulations. If this is not possible, the sender provides them in the appropriate place and time required. In the waybill should be given information about the types of documents attached, or the time and place of their submission. Value of the shipment must be declared, if the value of the shipment is no due to the supplier's or seller account, nor with the current price list.

As opposed to the bill of lading, waybill can not be traded as a security. In the implementation of standardized, common transport waybill may be substituted for the contract of carriage.

AWB/MAWB/HAWB (Air Waybill/Master Air Waybill/House Air Waybill)

MAWB (Master Air Waybill) is the cumulative waybills for all consignments statements. HAWB (House Air Waybill) is the document used for the single consolidated shipment. A consolidated shipment is a combination of several smaller consignments in the same direction in one more load. For each consolidated load separate waybill (HAWB) is drawn and a collective letter in which the sender is a forwarder, and recipient is forwarder who split consolidated cargo to separated loads and sends them to separate recipients. The carrier has access only to consolidated waybill MAWB.

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