Dock receipt

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Dock receipt
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Dock receipt is a document used in shipping trade. It is a confirmation of receipt goods at the port[1]. Dock receipt is issued by shippers and supplement by carrier's inspectors or checkers[2]. The document does not represent any value in the financial statements of the exporter's bank[3].When cargo is delivered to the dock or carrier terminal shippers prepared certificate. It confirms that goods have been received on the quay or warehause pending shipment[4]. Document is made by shipper and should contain such data as: name of shipper and consigne, port of final destination, name of vessel, booking numer, description of the goods, types of packages, weight and size. On the other side of the document, checker measures the cargos and inputs every exceptions he has noticed. "At the bottom of this sheets, the checkers write his initials and then passes it to the designated official for signature and return of the original to the shipper. The dock receipt is the carrier's permanent record of the exact quantity and condition of the shipment at the time it came into his custody. It serves as a temporary receipt until the freighted and signed bill of lading is obtained from the carrier"[5].

Fig.1. The shipping process

Definition of the dock

The very meaning of the word dock is "a loading or unloading platform at an industrial location or carrier terminal. The second meaning is ship's berth or wharf"[6].

Process of validation

In some cases, this paper is prepared in five copies. First copy, the original one is checked and stumped by clerk. Vendor gets the second copy as a confirmation of deliver. Third copy (also known as pile tag) is inserted with a cargo and it assists to the chief mate to plan the shipment to the appropriate port. Fourth copy is accessible to the stevedore for drafting deployment plan. After loading the consignment on a vessel, last copy, with all the notations, is stored in a clerk's office as permament record of proceeding with cargo[7].

Data in dock receipt

Dock receipt should include the following information[8]:

  • name of shipper
  • name of vessel
  • port of destination
  • booking numer
  • description of the cargo: number of packages, weight, size, special marks
  • date of delivery

Five copies of dock receipt

Document is preapared in five copies, each for one holders[9]:

  • port clerk
  • truckman
  • chief mate
  • stevedor
  • clerk's files

List of Cargo Received

According to L. Kendall it is a list that "shows only the serial number of the dock receipt in one column and the cubic footage and weight of the shipment in adjacent columns". It is used only in the clerk's office to control which cargos are still in a port. When packages are on shipboard, ready to sail, the list is closed[10].

Other names

Dock receipt is also known as mate's receipt or boat note[11].


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