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Evaluation is a process of collecting, analyzing and evaluating data in order to provide the knowledge necessary to make decisions about future actions. Evaluation may include documents, activities, processes, people, results, etc. Evaluation is a continuous process and its results are used to improve activities.

Review of other definitions

  • "Systematic study of the value or advantages of an object" (Joint... , 1981)
  • "The process of collecting data and their interpretation in order to make decisions" (Ch. Galloway)
  • "The Diagnostic-assessing process, including elements of measurement, judgment and decision making" (JJ Guilbert)
  • "Planned and systematic action showing the extent to which objectives have been achieved. Tha aim of this process is to determine the extent to which planned goals are actually realized. Systematic examination of the events that take place within the framework of the program or are its consequence. Systematic and transparent process of collecting information on the nature, character and values of interesting phenomena. " (H. Simons)
  • "Evaluation is the process of systematic collection of information about activities, characteristics and outcomes of programs, personnel and products" (MQ Patton)
  • "Can be defined simply as an evaluation of the value of something [...] The evaluation is part of the decision making process. This includes issuing an opinion on the actions by systematic, explicit gathering and analyzing information about them in relation to known objectives, criteria and values "(K. Aspiwall)
  • "A systematic process involving the collection of information, and reporting status of affairs, with the intention to provide data to facilitate decision making" (H. Mizerek)
  • "Systematic study of the value or characteristics of a particular program, activity or facility from the perspective of the criterias adopted for this purpose to reach its improvement, development or better understanding" (L. Korporowicz)

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