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Public task
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Public task - operation of local government based on the laws addressing the collective needs of local communities (own tasks), and organized in the State of the whole of society (assigned tasks).

Own tasks

According to the Constitution own tasks of local government units are those public tasks that address the needs of the local community. The sphere of public tasks assigned to local government is inviolable and shall not be diminished.

Own tasks:

  • Have a local (regional) character,
  • Are obtained by the local government based on the principle of decentralization
  • Unit of local government finance the task
  • Units of local self-government performs tasks independently and acts on its own behalf
  • The purpose of the task is meeting the needs of the community (collective and individual)

Assigned tasks

Local government bodies also carry out the tasks assigned to them by the government, if it results from the legitimate needs of the state. This activity has the national character and is executed on behalf of the government. Tasks can be assigned in the way of agreement signed by representatives of government administration and local government bodies. It requires statutory authorization. The source of the competence of local authorities in the area of assigned tasks may be the law or statutory agreement. Outsourcing of such task always involves the provision of financial resources for their implementation.

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