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Social media optimization
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Social media optimization (SMO)- is the marketing tool and process of increasing the popularity and product knowledge among customers[1]. It helps in the sale of the product, promotion, marketing[2]. It is a strategy that makes content related to the company attractive enough that other people want to share by, for example: liking, +1, recommending, revining, commenting, retweeting, creating video responses, repinning, sharing[3].

SMO is usually used to increase website traffic. It is closely related to websites and search engine optimization. SMO aims to improve the efficiency of social media by, among others, sharing on social networks[4].

Social media optimization is a new concept in digital marketing. The main thing is to distinguish SMO from standard marketing in social media. Optimization of social media is closely integrated with activities on the website. It is not only about what is published in the media but primarily deals with social media management. It is also content management, planning and implementing strategies for many channels[5].

The rules of social media optimization

According to N. Burcher, there are 16 SMO principles[6]:

  1. Reward inbound links
  2. Increase your linkability
  3. Make tagging and bookmarking easy
  4. Help your content to travel
  5. Reward helpful and valuable users
  6. Encourage the mashup
  7. Be a user resource, even if it doesn't help you
  8. Create new content
  9. Make SMO part if your process and best practices
  10. Know how to target your audience
  11. Develop an SMO strategy
  12. Be real in the posts
  13. Don't forget your roots; be humble
  14. Participate (join the online conversation)
  15. Don't be afraid to innovate, try new things
  16. Choose your SMO tactics wisely

First of all, SMO should optimize its content to enable its spread. The implementation of the 16 principles will help you succeed, but it should be more precise. The goal should not be to use SMO to meet all 16 steps. First and foremost, visibility should be maximized and content sharing easier. Only this will help you maximize the value of your views and increase your chances of success[7].


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Author: Justyna Siudy