Buck slip

Buck slip
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A buck slip is a paper containing the names of the persons who are supposed to read or see the document to which the slip is attached. Each reader must check his name and should forward the document to the next person whose name is on the document. The term derives from the metaphor to pass the buck (R. A. Palmatier 1995, s.41).

To pass the responsibility for something into someone else. In poker terminology, the person who is responsible for the bank means buck. Giving someone else responsible for the bank. This naming appeared in the world of the office, while notes were distributed along with the waybill, on which a list appeared with the names of all relevant persons who were to see them. The document was forwarded and employees were expected to read his name. The way to postpone the action on the note would be to "pass the buck" or give a coupon without checking your name. Assuming that the officer finally managed to check all their names, the zloty announcement will stop being transmitted - the buck will stop there! Whatever was in the note would have to be passed. The expression "buck ends here" was immortalized by President Harry S. Truman, who was holding a sign with the inscription on his Oval Office (H. Oliver 2011, s. 53).

The appearance of the buck slip

The buck slip is a separate piece enclosed in the direct-mail package. The buck slip is often depicted in a small form similar in size to a banknote. In the package, the buck slip is usually a 4- by-9-inch sheet on glossy stock often printed in four-color (R. W. Bly 2019, s. 141).


The example of buck slip:

  • You can highlight the free gift in a buck slip in your order. By placing the bonus (free gift) in a separate colorful insert, the offer is more visible in the mailing, thereby attracting attention and increasing response (R. W. Bly 2019, s. 141).
  • Donors. In the lowermost of the pyramid, charities must find interchangeable ways to put the legacy giving a message in front of them. For example, through buck slip. You can add buck slip to any shipment sent by organizations to their donors. An ideal place to connect a buck slip is with the receipt for a current gift. Donors are used to receipt additional materials with other financial materials. A buck slip is the easiest way to join charities for a long time. Charity organizations should ensure that episodes of thanks are not attached or the receipt and thank you are placed in two different envelopes. No thanks should be placed with an additional request for money, even for a deferred gift. A thank is intended to show genuine recognition and not to be a tool for the next demand for money ( B. M. Sagrestano, R. E. Wahlers 2016, str 209).


Author: Dominika Duda