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Business centre
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Business center is an area with some desks, computers and a printer and office things. Often there is a copier and fax device as well. You can access the internet, print documents, scan receipts and so on. The facilities vary a little bit from hotel to hotel. It is an office arrangement[1] providing individual offices for local representatives of large companies professionals and small-business persons with sharing of lobby space conference rooms support staff telecommunications services office equipment and other amenities.Formerly called executive suites and shared offices. The industry trade organization is the Office Business Center Association International.

It is a complex of office buildings located in a large space [2], in one place, outside the city center, but close to the network of main access roads. The business park offers office space , retail and exhibition space with the hotel, warehouse, conference and restaurant facilities, small shops, kiosks, service points and car parks. offers all these facilities and surfaces for a business purpose other than a conventional office, the combination of which can be tailored to the specific needs of the tenant.

Business Development Services[edit]

Small enterprises usually create a high percentage of total employment in developing and transition countries. They play an essential role in securing income and employment for millions of people and in creating new jobs. Governments, donors, and technical agencies have been trying to overcome constraints on small enterprises to boost their employment creation and growth potential by applying various measures such as financial schemes [3], interventions to improve the business environment at local level and increasing access to Business Development Services. MSE support schemes [4] have been around for a long time.

However, many of the existing promotional activities, mainly delivered through government agencies or strongly subsidized programmes, were not achieving the outreach desired[5]. Many entrepreneurs were not getting access to these services. It was recognized that a new approach to delivering Business Development Services was needed. This paper evaluates market-oriented Business Centres that were set up with the technical assistance [6] of the International Labour Organization and compares them with those set up by other agencies.

The biggest business centers[edit]

These are the most popular and the biggest business centres in the world[7]:

  • Central business district or Commercial district
  • ABA Business Center, the tallest building in Tirana, Albania
  • Abbey business centres, UK
  • City Business Center, Bratislava
  • East Pacific Center, skyscraper complex in China (nearing completion in 2013)
  • Gibraltar Business Centre, 209 Main Street, GIBRALTAR
  • Garda Business Center, Sweden
  • International Business Center, planned supertall building in Korea
  • Jumeirah Business Center 1, 46-floor tower in Dubai (proposed)
  • Millennium Business Center, Romania
  • National Business Center, US
  • Parus Business Centre
  • Templeton Business Centre, Glasgow
  • Vojvodina Sports and Business Center, Serbia


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