Creative advertising agency

Creative advertising agency
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Creative advertising agency - it is also known as an ad agency or a creative agency. It is an enterprise that offers advertising services in many different creative forms. Creative advertising agencies offer services that are different, novel, unusual, original, unique [1].

Role of creative agencies in advertising

According to G. McCracken creative advertising "helps to capture these old and new cultural meanings and invest them in consumer goods where they become accessible to the consumer. A process of constant experimentation is taking place here in which meanings are suggested and revised, combined and recombined. Advertising puts at the disposal of modern culture an area of play, experimentation and innovation with which to fashion new cultural meanings and reorganize and reassign old ones. It is where culture does its diecasting [2]."

Forms of advertising used by creative agencies

Creative agencies use many different forms of advertising. There are some examples of these forms [3]:

  • television,
  • events,
  • mobile applications,
  • billboards,
  • newspaper columns,
  • campaigns,
  • movies.

One of the most common forms of creative advertising used by agencies is online social media, for example blogs, business networks, collaborative projects, enterprise social networks, forums, microblogs, photo sharing, products/services reviews, social bookmarking [4].

Identity of creative advertising agencies

According to C. Hackley and A. Kover the identity of a creative agency is a very important issue:

In the locus of an advertising agency, identity is mutually negotiated on an ongoing basis. Relatively few advertising creatives ever reach the point in their career where colleagues accept their creative credentials as entirely taken for granted. Therefore, the process of personal negotiation lasts for a person's whole advertising career. As one creative said, ‘I have to start from scratch every morning.

(...)In advertising agencies there exists an internal fissure between two competing milieu: the creative and liberal arts milieu that informs the creative mentality, and the bureaucratic, scientistic milieu of management practice. Advertising is that ‘lovely area where art and business rub up against each other’ as one senior account director put it, but that ‘rubbing up’ generates friction when conflicting values are brought into juxtaposition. The creative identity in ad agencies, then, must be forged and expressed within this inherent instability[5] .


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Author: Anna Szpakowska