Creative thinking skills

Creative thinking skills
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In order to achieve high-quality, innovative and creative results, an individual or a group requires not only knowledge about creative process but also sufficient skills that are helpful in that process. They are named creative thinking skills.

Some creative thinking skills[edit]

Creative process thinking skills that can be used in the creative process include being able to:

  • clarify, analyse and re-define the problem or question to uncover new ways of looking at it;
  • ask thoughtful questions;
  • notice connections between seemingly unrelated subject matter;
  • challenge established wisdom by asking: how would I improve this?;
  • recognise alternative possibilities;
  • look at things from different perspectives.

Approaches connected to creative thinking skills[edit]

Creative thinking skills involve such approaches as:

  • Engaging in reflection;
  • Looking for many possible answers rather than one;
  • Allowing yourself to make wild and crazy suggestions as well as those that seem sensible;
  • Not judging ideas early in the process;
  • Treat all ideas as if they may contain the seeds of something potentially useful;
  • Allowing yourself to doodle, daydream or play with a theory or suggestion;
  • Being aware that these approaches necessarily involve making lots of suggestions that are unworkable and may sound silly;
  • Making mistakes;
  • Learning from what has not worked as well as what did.

Basadur`s creative thinking process skills[edit]

Basadur (1995) identified four creative thinking process skills within the Simplex process:

  • Active divergence - the ability to assertively generate a variety of options;
  • Active convergence - the ability to evaluate and choose from among options and advance the process;
  • Deferral of judgement - the ability to separate active divergence from active convergence;
  • Vertical deferral of judgement - the ability to avoid unconsciously leapfrogging past steps, phases or stages of the process;

Mastering the skills and the process enables individuals or groups to move about the process in different sequences as situations requires.